In 2014, Google launched the Zero Project project that looks at the bugs and vulnerabilities to the software and the Internet, hoping to fill the many gaps as possible. Recently, Google has unveiled a serious flaw in Windows 8.1, it seems that Microsoft did not like it at all.

Microsoft felt upset because they asked Google to refrain from publishing the report of Windows 8.1. But Google’s policy on Zero project is to give companies a deadline of 90 days for processing errors, otherwise you post, and the Google had discovered the problem in the October 13, 2014.
Wrote Chris Betz – computing director within Microsoft – “what you see Google really do not have to always keep in customer row. We urge Google to make the customer protection is the main objective of the joint between us. ”
However, Google believes that the policy of the 90 days is “the optimal approach to the security of the user,” where allows businesses and developers to address errors and gaps in the notice deems fair and acceptable, while respecting the rights of users also to know and understand the risks they face.
Do you prefer the opinion of Microsoft and they were supposed to get a longer duration of Google to resolve the problem? Or is Google’s policy fair enough?

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